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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Perfect for airline travel

Ziploc Easy Zipper: Where government bureaucracy meets mass consumerism. I should have bought stock in SC Johnson when the TSA debuted the 3-1-1 program. Now we all need a Ziploc bag whenever we fly.

I can think of a few more companies that should be promoting their products as "perfect for airline travel":

Capital One No Hassle Credit Cards: Perfect for paying all of those new fees!

Coleman Sleeping Bags: Perfect for those nights spent in the airport terminal after your flight gets canceled.

Balance Meal Replacement Bar: For those cross-country flights, when a bag of peanuts just won't keep you going.

What else can you think of that's "perfect for airline travel"?


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Blogger Gonzo DNA said...

Weirdness! You're onto something with the Coleman idea. How about a vending machine with all the basic "camping" necessities of your unplanned overnight flight delays? Compact disposable options could include: the self-inflating edible Therm-a-Rest "Tarmac" mattress for optimum airport camping - comes in three flavors of rolled fruit leather for eventual in flight snacking (if you ever get in the air). Also, "curl & hurl" with the Air(port) Sick Bag, the 900 fill down superthin sleeping bag that fits in a barf bag so you can curl up in a corner of the terminal like a homeless person, nap, wake and hurl with every newly announced delay. And so on and so on:-)

July 21, 2008 at 6:32 AM  

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