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Monday, April 30, 2012

A road trip through San Diego's backcountry

Recently, I took my family on a driving tour of San Diego's backcountry. We went through some gorgeous scenery, so I thought the route was worth sharing.

We went up to the north county, and then turned inland on Hwy. 76. After driving through orchards and Indian reservations, we summited Palomar Mountain and hiked a nature trail in Palomar Mountain State Park.

After a brief visit to Palomar Observatory, we drove the back way down the mountain, coming down to Lake Henshaw. The scenery and views from this leg of the journey were some of the best.

We then continued on Hwy. 79 to Santa Ysabel, where we made the requisite stop at Dudley's Bakery for some fresh bread. From there, we continued on to Julian, and then made our way home on 79 through Cuyamaca to I-8.

All told, it was a full day of leisurely driving, hiking and sight-seeing, approximately 180 miles in total. Click on the map image below to access an interactive Google map.