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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

People are the best part of travel

I am traveling vicariously to New York City again, this time hosting my parents for a visit to celebrate their anniversary. We went to Lombardi's ("America's First Pizzeria") in Little Italy on their first night, which has somehow become a standard stop for all the people who visit me here. Today, I'm taking the day off work to take them sightseeing.

Initially, I had a little difficulty trying to think of things to see and places to take them. A few ideas didn't pan out. My father expressed an interest in seeing the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, but that tour is currently closed for security reasons. I thought of getting tickets to see The Late Show, but those are hard to come by, and they only give them out in pairs (which would make it impossible for the four of us to go together). My father is also having some knee issues, so things that involve a lot of walking or standing are not the best choices.

Then an obvious "travel truth" dawned on me, and I stopped worrying about it. People are the best part of travel, whether it's the people you meet while traveling or the people you travel with. So no matter what we do today, I know they're excited to see and spend time with me, so I know they'll enjoy whatever we do.

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